Business professionals looking for a legally sound company structure, freelancers, and consultants in need of the appropriate tools to operate their international business, or individuals seeking to protect their wealth and assets, all can benefit from infrastructures of jurisdictions around the world. Sometimes, countries create rules to accommodate specific sectors and industries and attract international businesses. Also, economic globalization and private international law advance on international trade and foreign direct investment thus creating a role for offshore jurisdictions to accommodate a large following of international businesses and global value chains.

The purchasing power parity and differences in fiscal and social systems in countries reveal opportunities for international business. Neutral taxation and limited administrative requirements allow those who qualify to focus on the stability and prosperity of their venture, instead of the overload of activities imposed by regulators in most other jurisdictions.

The offshore industry is built on the foundation that non-residents can have access to a local infrastructure and benefit from special regimes not available for local businesses. Free trade zones and International Business Corporations (IBC) have, under predefined standards, exempt status for activities outside the jurisdiction. That a successful operation requires attention to detail is paramount. Therefore, the team of Offshore Company Services guides professionals to the appropriate channels where we focus, among other things, on the following services and packages:

Asset Recovery: Differences in legal systems, jurisdictions in remote areas, cumbersome company law, and the involvement of nominees to shield ownership of a company, but also the winding down of an offshore bank holding the corporate bank account, or fraudsters who funnel their stolen proceeds to offshore jurisdictions can be part of the financial challenges for stakeholders in the offshore industry. Our holistic Asset Recovery strategies enable us to secure maximum repayment. Read more on our Asset Recovery Service.

Banking: Non-resident banking invites people from around the world to bank in a country where they do not live. The advantage of easily walking into a branch or office does not exist for non-resident and offshore banking. For those very business people in need of an international bank account, we can introduce our customers to banks and FinTech firms or other credit and electronic money institutions, as well as payment processors. Read more on Banking and related Offshore Company Services.

Company Formation: Incorporation and registration of an offshore company can be a daunting task. Agents and corporate service providers close the gap for international players seeking an exquisite professional design of their corporate practice. Equation CS is licensed to assist these professionals to incorporate and register their venture in the appropriate jurisdiction. Read more on Company Formation.

Corporate Administration: Company formation in an offshore jurisdiction contains compliance with essential duties and conduct. To ensure that the local requirements are met, agents or corporate service providers help with these conditions for corporate administration. These services contain, among other things, periodic KYC verification, the provision of the registered address and the keeping of (minimal) accounting records. Read more about Corporate Administration.

Nominee Services: The rules in the country of residence of the beneficial owner of a company, and the requirements in the offshore jurisdictions might need local directors and shareholders to act on behalf of the beneficiaries. Such nominees also provide for an extra layer of privacy and thus protection. The civil agreement between nominee and beneficiary decides on the exclusive duties and prohibitions of the nominee to safeguard the position of both parties. Read more on Nominee Services.

Software: Offshore companies and the more traditional international business corporations often work in a cross-border environment. Consequently, these businesses must comply with local and foreign regulation. A novel and material type of (European) regulation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This extensive framework on personal data protection regime is mandatory for any enterprise dealing with personal data of EU citizens.  Read more on GDPR Software services.

Trademarks: Entrepreneurs and other business people at times wish to protect their intellectual property against improper use by third parties. Trademarks need to be recognizable whilst distinctive from other signs, designs, or expressions to receive (registered) trademark status. Read more on Trademarks registration and Intellectual Property.