To accommodate the individual needs of our clients and the specific industries they operate in, we carefully designed packages containing all their possible needs. Not all businesses are the same and therefore our clients choose the services they see best fit.

Next to the outlined packages, we tailor corporate structures and commercial solutions upon request by our clients. In all circumstances, the geographical location, background, position, and intentions of the client determine the completion and formation of the corporate solution.

Aviation: Private aircraft leasing, registration and management of the jet itself and private pilots can benefit from a variety of jurisdictions and combinations to strategize its operation and administration in a cost-efficient manner. Read more on our Aviation packages.

Company Liquidation: Closure of an (offshore) company ought to follow rules of company law and insolvency acts. Also, the rights of staff members and creditors must be warranted. To ensure the proper closure of an (offshore) company, we will guide you through the appropriate company liquidation procedures. Read more on our Company Liquidation packages.

Company Reactivation: Offshore companies are struck from the corporate registry when the beneficiary fails to honor the financial commitments belonging to the active status of the company. There are several underlying reasons that justify the reactivation of an offshore company. Read more on our Company reactivation packages.

Digital Nomads: The combination of work and travel creates opportunities and can require tailored services for those hopping from country to country. Business, financial, and legal solutions allow digital nomads to legally work and live in a variety of counties. Read more on our packages for Digital Nomads.

Marine and Shipping: The maritime and shipping industry benefit greatly from the potential of offshore jurisdictions. Also, staff members, such as yacht captains, can receive their remuneration via an international bank account belonging to their offshore company. Read more on our Marine and Shipping packages.

Tax Residency: Corporate and private residency determines the tax liability of the (legal) person. Physical presence is the core driver of residency. For companies this is established by the principles of substance and presence, for individuals the general rules vary between 60 days per year and 183 days per year. Read more on our Tax Residency packages.