Whether it is the purchase and registration of an aircraft, or an effective way for pilots and freelancers to be hired and compensated, or the mandatory insurances and warranties, Offshore Company services provides solutions. The vast experience we have involving both efficient jurisdictions an appropriate regulation, allow our clients to focus on their core activities instead of administrative procedures and consequential challenges.

Aircraft registration, management, and administration is often arranged in different legal entities to disperse risk and avoid spill over effects. Staff and crew members are employed via legal entities in jurisdictions where labor laws are easy, flexible, and (cost) efficient for the benefit of the employer and his workers. To ensure a safe and steady operation, sufficient consideration must be given to the choice of the appropriate legal and corporate structure. This is the main reason that professional and tailor made advice is beneficial.

Employees, such as maintenance crew and private jet pilots often engage our services to safeguard their employment and compose a company structure that fits the specific needs of the employee. Different jurisdictions and legal entities can provide for aviation personnel to incorporate and protect their income. These jurisdictions can also be used for the registration and management of the aircraft.