Company formation

Globalization triggers an advanced need for company formation at locations most beneficial for cross-border business activities. Location independent entrepreneurs and virtual activities can benefit from a vast number of offshore financial centers to set up an international business company that allows them to trade in an easy, flexible, straightforward and flexible way. The number of business people who incorporate offshore grows steadily. Over the years, Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS helped hundreds of businesses with corporate services such as asset recovery, company formation, and most of all to locate the appropriate jurisdiction for company formation and allow professionals from all around the world to start a profitable enterprise.

To accommodate on the needs of our clients, company formation can take place in offshore financial centers and other relevant jurisdictions. The objective of our clients most often is to enable cross-border activities, whilst maintaining limited restrictive and protectionist measures. Therefore, together with our clients we seek the most efficient and effective location to incorporate.

Local tax laws and administrative bureaucracy in the home country of the beneficial owner often results in a tax liability. Jurisdictions where tax laws focus on a world wide income require extra attention. Violations of tax law can result in severe penalties and even deprivation of liberty. Due to automatic exchange of information protocols, such as the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and US based FATCA, financial institutions share financial data with foreign authorities. Therefore, an international tax structure should follow the rules of the countries it operates in and avoid further regulatory scrutiny.

Company formation in offshore jurisdictions and other locations that allow foreigners to incorporate a business permit identification and other Know Your Customer procedures to be done remotely. To do so, the involvement of lawyers, certifying officers and corporate service providers play a crucial role. Appropriate customer due diligence protects the confidence in the financial system. Therefore, both for purposes of company formation and bank account opening and maintenance, administrative processes are followed with the help of professional third parties.