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Offshore Company Services is a full service platform for small business owners and other professionals introducing them to efficient and effective ways to structure their international activities and benefit from attractive local customs in tax neutral environments. Taxation is the source of income for governments. Therefore, authorities do everything they can to avoid abuse of the system and address unlawful and illegal behavior of tax evasion. The global tax system is complex, and mistakes can have serious consequences. Hence the reason that we take our business and your corporate structure very serious.

The foundation of Offshore Company Services is derived from years of experience in international taxation, (offshore) banking, and asset recovery. Our objective is to allow our customers to benefit from cost-effective international strategies for efficient entrepreneurship, while protecting their interest and position. This way the cooperation we have with our clients allows them to focus on their business and limits systemic abuse and thus regulatory interference.

Not all jurisdictions have identical company laws and regulatory requirements. Gaps in the different frameworks can create gainful situations for specific industries. Therefore, this website explains the advantages for company formation for the most popular and respectable onshore and offshore jurisdictions. Our customers operate in different industries and reside in different countries. Domestic rules of the beneficial owner dictate the route to follow and avoid difficulties and embarrassment with tax authorities and regulators.

Legal Floris LLC and Equation Corporate Services Limited launched this website to provide our customers and future prospects with information that helps them to structure their international organization appropriately. Our clients look through company formation and wish to build a business and protect the corporate assets in a straightforward, cost-efficient, flexible, and stable way. To ensure that our customers can set up such a company, we help them find the best jurisdiction for incorporation whilst considering the individual circumstances of the company and its owners. The result becomes a tailored solution for company formation, banking, and asset protection.

For more information on Offshore Company Services or to discuss your needs, please complete the contact form below, email us at [email protected] or call us at +357 22257680:

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