Asset Recovery

Serious fraud contains elements such as deliberate deception, trickery or cheating. Such dishonest behavior for personal benefit leaves victims with financial loss. Manipulation, false misrepresentation and other forms of fraud appear throughout society. Even though the designation of a fraudster is a legal issue which can only be confirmed by the court, there are both civil and criminal remedies to indemnify alleged victims even before the court issues a binding order.

Offshore company services include asset recovery for legal entities and natural persons. Asset recovery relates to the retrieval of illegally obtained assets hidden in offshore jurisdictions and the recovery of assets that belong to offshore companies. The latter contains offshore bank failure, investment fraud and other ways how assets are funneled out of control of the rightful owners.

The main focus of this service is on global asset tracing and recovery, followed by offshore bank recovery, bank account closure and reopening and asset retrieval for victims of investment fraud. During recent years, Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS assisted hundreds of legal entities, including offshore companies, high net worth individuals, and victims of investment fraud to recover their money or assets that were hidden in offshore jurisdictions or locked inside bank accounts with financial institutions that were shut down by regulators and central banks due to violations of anti-money laundering and other regulatory provisions.

Global asset tracing and recovery is a cumbersome, difficult and unpredictable activity. Illicitly obtained assets are often transferred to different legal entities in distinct jurisdictions to eliminate and blur the origin of the assets. Opaque strategies intent to mislead gatekeepers and others responsible to protect the financial system and avoid abuse. Yet, cross-border transactions leave a footprint. This footprint enables fund recovery firms like Legal Floris LLC to follow the money and seize assets where they become available.

The most common asset tracing and recovery assignments retained relate to offshore financial centers. Our clients seek affordable, efficient and effective strategies to regain access to their liquid and illiquid assets. Those in need of assistance to restore access to their bank account or get their investment returned are invited to contact us today for a preliminary consult, free of charge.