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Commercial enterprises incorporated and registered in offshore jurisdictions often benefit from a different code of conduct. The result is that a more flexible, affordable, tax-efficient, and easy to manage company structure can be used to initiate international business. It is no wonder that many business people have found their way to the different offshore jurisdictions.

Legal Floris LLC works at the crossroads of the financial and legal sector, whilst having a strong focus on offshore financial centers. These jurisdictions provide a function in the international business community but can also be abused by those with sly thoughts. Alongside corporate, financial, and company formation services, that Legal Floris LLC provides in collaboration with its partner Equation CS, several asset recovery projects were launched. The status of the current economic and financial landscape justifies furthering of activities in the field where offshore companies and international operating (offshore) banks fail.

Bank failure, investment fraud, embezzlement and theft can be caused by and to legal entities in offshore jurisdictions. Both type of cases are handled by Legal Floris LLC. Yet, to avoid conflicts of interest representation is solely offered to victims. Bringing together a group of homogenic victims in financial failure, even where loss of money is the result of acts by third parties, allows Legal Floris LLC to formalize a (cost) efficient and effective recovery strategy. Even though offshore fraud and bank failure are enduring processes to unravel, a holistic recovery strategy triggers the best future prospects for the victims.

The vision of Legal Floris LLC is to provide tailor made offshore company services and avoid generalizing. As a consequence, the methods used for asset and fund recovery are result based and build on a previous success. Although the past does not equal the future and outcomes are not guaranteed, asset tracing and fund recovery requires specific attention. Those who place sufficient effort in these stages create a favorable position for themselves when funds are realized and distributed to victims.

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